The Ultimate NLP Information Guide

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is an area of psychology that focuses on the study of the subjective experience.

It has also been referred to as the following:

* A manual for your brain.

* Set of powerful communication tools – both for internal and external communication.

* Study of human excellence.

Regardless of how you define NLP it’s a powerful set of ideas and tools that can help you achieve what you want most in your life.

The purpose of this site is to share some insights, tools and strategies that will make you a better business person, parent, spouse, athlete, musician or any area you wish to apply it.

NLP began in the 1970’s with Richard Bandler, a master’s level student of information sciences and mathematics, and Dr. John Grinder, a professor of linguistics at the University of Santa Cruz, to research people they considered to be excellent communicators. They were both interested in how people defied the odds to get through to very difficult people when countless others failed.

Their study focused primarily on three world-renowned psychotherapists: Milton H. Erickson (Expert Clinical Hypnotherapist), Virginia Satir (Renowned Family therapist) and Fritz Perls (Gestalt Psychology founder).

NLP techniques and strategies proved to be so powerful that they soon grew to encompass many disciplines throughout the world.

We hope you’ll revisit this website frequently to expand and grow your knowledge and understanding of NLP.

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