Basic and Advanced NLP Techniques For Creating Massive Change

There are a lot of NLP techniques, some basic and others more advanced. Each of these techniques can be applied in a variety of ways to improve multiple areas of your life, including personal development, business, communication, health, education and therapy. Below is a partial list of those techniques and their applications:

Powerful basic NLP techniques include the following:

Representational Systems: How we mentally code information: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. This technique has a variety of applications including increasing motivation, emotional intensity and rapport.

Matching & Mirroring: Adopting characteristics of another person’s physiology, words, etc. in order to build rapport.

Shifting Perceptual Positions: Shifting between different points of view, one of three mental positions (self, another person's perspective and from an outside person's perspective).

Developing Well-Formed Outcomes: Developing a specific, sensory-based result. This has a variety of applications especially in the area of goal setting.

State Management: Includes a variety of techniques including changing physiology.

Reframing: Changing the context of an experience in order to change its meaning. This is very effective in changing emotional responses to situations.

Meta Model: A model with a number of linguistic distinctions that help identify language patterns that hide the meaning through deletion, generalization and distortion. This model is very beneficial in improving communication and helping to create change.

Swish Pattern: Very powerful technique of ‘swishing’ an old, unwanted behavior with a new, wanted behavior. This technique is very helpful in making lasting changes in habits and behaviors.

Powerful Advanced techniques include the following:

Meta-states: A state about a state, bringing a state of mind-body (anger, excitement, curiosity) to bear on another state from a higher logical level, which generates a meta-state. This is extremely powerful in helping create change in a variety of areas for an individual.

Nested Loops: Process of linking states (e.g. going from confusion to awareness to calmness). This is a great way of changing the states of others during an interaction with an individual or group.

Language Patterns: Linguistic devices that can be used to assist in communication and increase influence.

New Behavior Generator: Visualization technique for learning how to rapidly integrate new skills and behavior.

This is only a partial list of basic and advanced NLP techniques that will help you and/or your client create massive change. As you continue your training and study of NLP, be sure the above are part of your learning.

Remember, as George Leonard (author the book ‘Mastery’) said, “Masters are zealots of practice, connoisseurs of the small, incremental step. At the same time these masters are precisely the ones who are likely to challenge previous limits, to take risks for the sake of higher performance.”

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